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Volumetric Mixer Definition & Function:

Their are many advantages of using a volumetric mixer over other cement mixing technologies.

All of the ingredients that that are necessary to creating concrete are stored in separate compartments on the unit (as mentioned above). Other methods of producing concrete rely on having the cement mixed at a central plant then delivering it to the required job site. Making the cement and then hauling it to location can cause a lot of headaches when it comes to the concrete application.

- Volumetric mixing on site will allow you to produce the exact amount of concrete needed

-This method of on site mixing allows for you to mix several different blends with only having to haul one load of materials. If you mix at the plant, and different blends of concrete are required, this can cause timely delays in finishing the project as each blend must be delivered separately.

- The reuse of materials that are not needed will allow you to bring all unused materials back to the plant or the next job site without having to worry about the concrete drying as it is not mixed yet.

-Cleanup of the pour is a breeze as there is only one central container that needs to be cleaned, the mixing auger. If you pre-mix at the planet you need to clean out the trucks hauling compartment and the mixing environment at the plant as well.

- Ordering concrete with a volumetric mixer is less of a hassle as with other mixing methods you may over or under estimate the amount of concrete needed. This optimizes the ordering process as well as cutting down on waste.

As you can see, the volumetric mixer is a great method for businesses that want to maximize their return on investment and optimize their work process and scheduling of time and materials.

volumetric mobile concrete mixer

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